Arielle and Jodies 22 birthday

Posted 7/20/2008 by Arielle Scarcella in
Nikki and Me, ah it was like 99 degrees out that day

Watch the Video!

Watch the Pin the Tail Video!

HAHA not so bad guys, not so bad at all...


Watch the Fishing for Money Video!

A birthday balloon wish

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ANIA said...

Your B-day was just...simply... AWESOME!!!
Courtney "swimming" to pin the donkey was hilarious! The beautiful home made cake..Kerry ROCKS!
And who can forget Balderdash...peesweep anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yooooo My Ari! You are too funny with the chicken dance thing for that Donkey game. Lmao, I really was 'swimming' to the donkey. Dude Balderdash was the shit but you should post the ACTUAL definition because thats how we don't learn things, lol. Awesome Party my love, most fun I had sober lmao. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANIA said...

Yo just gave yourself away! LMFAO....

Anonymous said...

I love the videos! Pin the tail! So cute. That was a fun day. More Balderdash!!!

Arielle Scarcella said...

thank you for an awesome birthday guys