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These quotes always make me laugh and at the time of conception
most likely made me pee my pants a little.

Jodie :
"Oh I thought it was gas."
"My cat gets these weird dreadlock things on his back."
"I'm going to go into rite aid, buy a soda, go home, sit
there, drink my soda and do nothing."

Stephen :
"You don't understand. It's exhausting. My jaw locks when
I eat chocolate chip cookies."
"Id much rather not have a suprise in my mouth."
"Jesus? He just threw popcorn at me. He must like me."

Arielle :
"What the hell is facebox?" "I know what that is!!"
"I have to get this book because if I don't I stare at people
on the train and they don't like it."

*In Vegas Diner* Arielle: "Chicken wrap please."
Waitress: "Club or salad"
Arielle: "No I want a wrap"
Waitress: *says sarcastically* "Club or salad"
Arielle: *says slow and sarcastic back* "Club"

Courtney and Arielle: *singing in Vegas diner* "Hakuna Matata,
it means no worries" Courtney: "For the rest of your days"
Arielle: "Its our problem free, philospophy" Courtney: *looks
at Arielles wrap* "Club"

Arielle : "If I cut my hair really short I could totally be a Shane."
Steffie : Are you trying to say that you'll leave me in the alter?
Arielle : Well, if I asked you to marry me would you say yes?
Steffie Ola : I'd wait a while until one of our friends die
and we have to spread her / his ashes, before I answer.

"I think it finally happened to me, I think I'm full."

Arielle: "Where'd you learn to tango?"
Courtney: "With the ambassadors
daughter during the French Revolution."

Courtney: "Ariellllllleeeee, You lesbian!"
Arielle: "Shh Courtney I dont want anyone to know"
(while wearing a rainbow hat at pride)

Courtney: "...O, this is very ghee..."(awkward)

Lindsay C :
Lindsay C : "You know you're 100% GAY when you have
bowling on your fb page."

Lindsay C : Shane makes me wanna do freaky thangssss all
kindsa freaky thaaanngssss
Arielle : She makes me want to take a shower
Lauren : Shane is fucking yummy.
Lindsay C : *high fives Lauren*
Lauren : *high hives Lindsay*
Lauren : Fives* no hives for Lindsay
Lindsay C : haha thanks Lauren...girl gives me hives via facebook

"Pidgeon RUN!"
"Samdonkey Jackson"

Amanda: "I cried when I watched that movie."
Vicky: "I fell asleep."
"When the world ends there's only going to be
roaches and styrafoam"
Someone: "What's the name of this movie?(body snatchers)
Vicky: "You stole my snatch."

Rob's Melissa :
"My Dad made a potato gun that runs on hairspray and he shot a snowman"
Melissa: "Shut up!" Morgan: "Don't say that." Melissa: "Take your mouth and close it!"
"Roberts so used to getting beat that he thinks thats how people show affection...so the more I beat him the more he knows I love him."
"He is slightly tall like the Bigfoot."

"I told her to buy a star for the tree and she came home with a
cantaloupe with lights in it."

Jess :
"Ouch I just got cornobbled!"
"I wish I was a pissmire weiner"
Wrote: A miniture penis that you can carry in your purse,
Someone said "Isnt that called a dildo?"

"This is the friendship one...but it kills"
"Pooh just said something to me" Kerrys Dad: "Justin NO he didnt"
"Is that how they filled up the lake?" (pointing to a hose)
"Maybe from her home."
Kerry: "Justin what did you do with your money?"
Justin: "I bought this invisible box, do you like it?"
(Justin hands box to Kerry and she drops it)
Kerrys Dad: "Don't make a mess!"
*In friendlys* Host " Arielle" Nicole "Justin how do you think he knows her name?"
Justin: "I think thats her boyfriend." Nicole: "You think so?"

"Wait wait wait...I have a whole sentence...Where....is....my....HOTDOG???!!!"
"I'm never going to a club with you." (alex is dancing)
"Look we're on the moon!"

Tax Lady:

Dirty Black Man:
"Damn your girls' fine. You better watch her, she might
switch over to the other side."

Girl in Club
*Two girls dancing sexy in cage, one girl with mucho gel in hair and on
other girls shoulders has head sticking out of cage near lighting..
pretty girl turns to us and says*
"Isn't that a fire hazard?"

"Look I'm just a head in every picture"
"Theres a whole thing of candy..lets just buy it.
Then we are all winners."
Nikki: "I used to throw those little milk packets at cars"
Tony: "Well then you were a fag"
"Thats OZ!"

Nicole :
"I think my gps is broken it keeps telling me "Make U turn if possible""
Kerry: "Look its Jesus" Nicole: "What? Thats a mushroom"
Courtney and Nicole: "Blah blah blah I'm Jamaican"

Anne :
"Yea keep putting yourself in the story, you'll love the ending."
"Were going to Georgia!"
"O wait I'm about to GHEE!!!!"

Kerry :
"Its ok."
"This I know."
"I dont want to hear about you and your other babies"
"Oh Boy"
"Today IS Sunday slick"
"Look Justin there it is woooooo!!!" (pointing to the train yard)
"That pretzel's looking good right about now."

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Favorite one is Arielle needing the book to avoid staring at people. Best. Ever.

Arielle Scarcella said...

every single one of these quotes makes me smile or lol for real when i read them!!!