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Baulderdash : How to play
- A group of friends play. Each person takes a turn reading a word
aloud to everyone, that no one will know the definition to except
them (because its on the card.) Everyone else writes down a fake
definition. The definitions are all collected and read aloud by
the first person. Everyone takes turns guessing which one they
think is correct. You get two points for guessing the actual
definition.If anyone choses what you wrote you get a point for
each person that chose your answer. You also get a point if
you make everyone playing laugh at what you wrote. We tally
up the points and crown the winner at the end.

Baulderdash :

Word: hornito
Jess : A horny burrito

Word: mumruffin
Lindsy : When a nun drinks too much


Baulderdash : 7/19/08

Word: Jinnywink
Arielle : The tinkleing sound of a baby peeing
Nikki : A chinese person

Word: Itaiatai
*Nikki : Two servings of sushi (Arielle: "Itaiatai, two serving please")

Word: Derwenter
*Anne : And there went her
Kerry : A chair with three legs
Nikki : Entering through the west door

Word: Mushfaker
Courtney : One who puts on a front about being nice


Baulderdash : 8/16/08

Word: Urticate
Chris : The art of pissing your front lawn
Kerry : To reverse your steps in travel

Word: Pizmire
Chris : The original name for Oscar Mayer weiner

Word: Skinnum
Jodie : What a hunter says after killing animals

Word: Boondoggle
Arielle : A game in which you mix up letters to form words

Word: Pixilated
Arielle : The shapes and colors that form when you rub your eyes

Word: Exlex
Kerry : The water that forms on top of paint when not being used

Word: Thalian
*Chris : How a person with a lisp says alien

Word: Waddy
Jess : The way a person walks when they have a wedgie

Word: Cornobbled
*Kerry : When you bang your head into the corner of a shelf
Courtney : A childs puzzled look when they are lying

Word: Ghee
Courtney : The awkwardness when sex is bad (such a courtney you)
Nicole : The point right before an orgasm
Grisel : The noise you make after a Chinese happy ending
Jess : To be really sexually excited by a midgit

Word: Fossick
Jess : When old people have sex

Word: Pidan
Chris : Puff Daddys "new" name
Kerry : When a pidgeon steals your food
Anne : Small cups for tea time
*Jess : A miniture penis that you can carry in your purse

Word: Xanclus
Anne : Santa Claus on Xanex

Word: Supernaculum
Chris : Supermans uncles brothers cousins former roomate from college
Arielle : Lights reflected in a prism that cause the rainbow effect

Word: Baucahle
Jess : When a guy lifts up his shirt and you can see his belt - its sexy!


Baulderdash : 8/16/08

Word: Orifalamme
Sammy : A one eyed nun eating a cookie

Word: Gaboion
Jess : Gay beyond belief
Chris : What Walt Disney originally wanted to call Mickey Mouse


Baulderdash : Thanksgiving 08 Family Edition

Word: Scurfer
Gary : An enama for an elephant

Word: Snotter
Theresa : Someone with a large nose

Word: Scurryfunger
Matt : To flee from a large animal
Connie : A person running through a mall for a sale

Word: Niddynoddy
Matt : a British women who sings topless with tassles on her breasts
Theresa : The bottom of a jelly jar
Kerry : What an older generation will say when refering to sex

Word: Tatties
Theresa : A group of women who love to gossip
Angela : Little Boobs

Word: Yapok
Kerry : A polish person who talks too much

Word: Napiform
Kerry : The shape African Americans hair takes when its not brushed

Word: Tampan
Karen : A Chinese vegetable


Baulderdash : Christmas 08 Family Edition

Word: Zumbooruk
Jessica : A person who is spontaneously joyful
Arielle : A term refering to "the middle of nowhere"

Word: Anableps
Karen : The burping sound a walrus makes
Theresa : A tick in the neck caused by overdose of medication

Word: Drintling
Mom+Kerry : Fledgling swans
Theresa : A small branch on a Juniper tree

Word: Hemidemisemiquaver
Amanda : a weird way to say loco in French
Matt : an Irish toothpick
Anthony+Heather : A person who is scared of words

Word: Spraints
Rob : Brackets used in supporting bridges
Theresa : What otter dung is called

Word: Whishler
Dad : A sound that a person with a lisp makes when he tries to whistle

Word: Yeevil
Mom+Kerry : A jewish curse wishing poverty


Baulderdash : Dec 28, 2008

Word: Wongawonga
Amanda : Something an Indian says when they want something
Nikki : To wack someone with a hammer

Word: Zyzzyva
Nikki : An old man snoring in Vaginia

Word: Hinkumbooby
Tony : A baby that bounces when hiccuping

Word: Spitchoct
Amanda : To spit on a crotch

Word: Tantony
Arielle: When Tony goes to the beach


Pictionary :

Try and Guess what each drawing is supposed to be
scroll down for artist and answer


1. Artist : Lauren | Word : Godzilla
2. Artist : Lauren | Word : Videocamera
3. Artist : Kerry | Word : Michael Jackson
4. Artist : Courtney | Word : Odd
5. Artist : Lauren | Word : Boxing Glove
6. Artist : Jen | Word : Roller Coaster
7. Artist : Kerry | Word : Bowling (only up here cuz I guess lover birds as the answer)
8. Artist : Lauren | Word : Pretzel


1. Artist : Nikki | Word : Woodpecker
2. Artist : Arielle | Word : Captain
3. Artist : Arielle | Word : Piano
4. Artist : Nikki | Word : Foot in the Mouth
5. Artist : Vicky | Word : Ronald McDonald

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